Sunday, January 8, 2012

day 21 - status anda, relationship anda?

As all of you know, I'm married with one cute little daughter =P

Meeting my husband long time ago during my standard 2, however being in serious relationship somewhere in 2008,. Decided to get married in two years time. Engaged on 23 of september 2009, if i am not mistaken., lupa the exact date. See, how not serious I am in remembering date even it is part of my happy day in life. Even, I am oke if not celebrating my birthday.

And we got into married on 4 of June 2010. How fast time flies, on 25 of March 2011 I giving birth to Dhiya Amani.

So, now I am a wife to mohd zulhilmi, a mother to dhiya amani, a daughter to my parent and also sister to my beloved brother and sister =)

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