Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my english is getting worse and worse

After prepresentation today. I fell that i'm damn stupid in english. Why i'm still not good in english. If i speak i speak like i'm not knowing english at all, like i not learnt english before. Everytime i write in english im always make mistake. Everytime im trying to speak in english i'm always dont know what i'm going to say. What happen with me?

Sometimes, i'm trying to learn english. But after a while, i forgot everything that i have learned. I feel very difficult to talk in english, to write in english, to communicate in english.

I'm aware that its my mistake too because everytime i buy magazines or paper or any reading material i will buying malay version. I try to avoid to speak in english, to write something in english else im force to do so.

Waaaaa, what i talk about?

Hopefully, all of you will help me to improve my english. I really needs your help. At least, let me know if im write in wrong way. Thanks to all for reading this unmature writing.


moroka said...

Just learn from the mistakes. I am no good either in English but what I can say is i usually ask for help from the experts if I have problems related to that language.

eira eixora said...

Thank you very much Rosli. your advices are so meaningful to me. Now, I have difficulty to learn english and doing my final report at the same time.

But, I must be strong anyway.

moroka said...

no problem anis. be strong, keep practicing, and you'll be okay someday. :)

dayLa said...

dont give up hopes.
lets do the practicing together,ok? :)

iNz said...

jom speaking kt umah~ =)

i was uttering words i don't even expect to say mase presentations pon. heh.

nervous breakdown successfully make me look stupid in front of everyone. "-_-"

anis, start off with reading english mag. (sbb mag selalunya content ringan.)

pastu cube tgk citer2 yg xder tanslation. (i tried b4, tepakse pasang kuat2 sbb nk dgr ape yg die ckp..hhehe)

most importantly, buat satu buku vocab. jumpe je perkataan br, tulis dlm tu.

pastu, if possible gne utk buat entry ke karangan ape2 ke. hehe

pandai je bg idea sy nih =p

tlg2~ report x siap lg T~T

dayLa said...

oh ye, utk improve your spellings,gunekan microsoft word. works well for me.heh.

iLLy Ramudzan said...

well. i remember what mr Clayton said to me when i was 10 :

"Mazna, if you keep writing to me it won't do you any good, please speak to me."

an advice: just use it as much as possible. and if anyone so much look at you the wrong way for speaking, reading, writing and listening too much english, shrugged it off and say : "your lost not mine".

the 4 principles of learning any language :

1. read
2. write
3. listen

got me an A in BM by doing the above. :P

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