Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tag kedua

Oh ho, aku telah di tag...

5 sebab kenapa aku rasa bertuah menjadi diri aku sendiri:
  • First of all, im very proud because i am muslim. Islam is a very beautiful religion for me. It's covering all aspects of my life. By the time i fell lost or dont know what i have to do, I still can find the way on how to cheer my life. I know Allah is always with me. Allah always with me everytime I need him. Allah always helps me everytime I need helps. Alhamdullilah..

  • Second, im very proud because i have my family by my side. Although i had stay in hostel since im in standard 6, but they are always in my mine. Nothing can replace them in my heart. To all my friends, Im also proud having you around. No matter how we meet. No matter where we are study. All of you are so meaningfull to me.

  • Then, i fell proud be myself, because i am a person who are strong enough to face any problem in my life. Sometimes, i feel the dificulty to face it. But i know i can.

  • I'm also proud be myself because Allah give me a spirit to continue my study till today. Since 5 years old until now . Hopefully, I still have this spirit to continue my study until PhD.

  • I'm also proud because I have you. Thank you for waiting me for so long. Finally, i find someone to share my laughter and sadness. Hopefully, we are together forever.
Moral of the story: Be proud with yourself..=)


moroka said...

fell ke feel? anyway, thanks for doing the tag.

kita semua memang bertuah.tak kisahla apa orang cakap, atau apa saja yang kita lalui, kita memang bertuah jika nak dibandingkan dengan ramai lagi orang lain di luar sana :)

eira eixora said...


you are right

fell = cut down
feel = sense, experience

thank you very much