Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cerita pasal makan...

Lepas cerita pasal turun berat badan, terus citer pasal makan =P

Sebenarnya, yang menariknya herbalife ni sebab walaupun on diet. Tapi kita still boleh amik meal lain sehari sekali. I like.

Pizza Hut delivery for lunch

After we have to postpone our annual lunch (hahaha! takde lah tipu je) "Lunch bersama our bos" we finally decided to just order delivery Pizza.

Dinner at ekin's house

Then, after going back from office on Friday, Me & Atie have been invited by Ekin & Nurul to dinner at Ekin's house. So, dengan penuh semangat wajanya we all pun pergi lah. And we end up eating dinner at 10pm because chilies, halia and also cili booo (don't know how to spell) were running out of stock. So, me and atie again went to carrefour to buy these things.

Thank to Nurul and Ekin.

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