Thursday, December 23, 2010

Marriage is full of happiness =P

That's what I feel sepanjang bergelar isteri ini. But sometimes can't deny adalah gaduh2 manja. Gaduh2 manja oke =P

And the things that I really regret is I don't have opportunity to attend my best friend wedding today. I can't feel her nervousness and sharing the happy moment with her. Just because I am working today and I only have 2 days annual leave left. So sad.

And I decided to use that leave for my sis wedding next week. But me and my husband already plan to go for her husband side. But it is not same right. Tapi boleh lah kan daripada tak attend langsung.

To you my friend, happy married. Be a good wife =) AND still be my best friend oke

Iklan jap =)

Gambar masa Raya Haji hari tu

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