Monday, January 12, 2015

Baby checklist

Hari tu ada subscribe satu website ni. Tadi bukak emel dapat baby checklist ni. Macam best. Jom tengok. 

Preparing for Baby’s Room
· Baby’s Cot (tak beli sebab macam tak guna)
· Wind-up mobiles/ Merry-go-round (pun tak beli)
· Mattress (done)
· Blanket (done)
· Bumper (tak beli)
· Cot sheets (tak beli)
· Mattress protector (done)
· Changing table (optional) (takde)
· Chest of Drawers (takde jugak)
· Clothes (done)
· Pacifiers (done)
· Mittens (done)
· Bootees (done)
· Nappy (done)
· Nappy liners (tak beli)
· Cotton buds (tak beli, kena beli ni)
· Blouse/shirts – long and short sleeves (done)
· Suits – pants and long shirts (done)
· Handkerchief (done)
· Safety pins (tak beli)
· Face towels (done)
· Cotton balls etc. (done)
· Nail clippers (done)
· Cream to prevent nappy rash (tak beli)
· Oil for wind (done)
· Ziplock to store soiled pampers or nappies. (tak beli)
· Gripe Water (tak beli)
Preparing for Baby Bathing
· Wipes (done)
· Baby bath tub (done)
· Bath mat (done)
· Bath towel (done)
· Bath sponge (tak beli)
· Baby soap/ bath lotion (done)
· Baby shampoo (done)
· Cotton buds (tak beli)
· Baby oil (done)
· Baby powder with puff (done)
· Tissue paper (tak beli)
· Diapers (done)
Care of the Umbilical Cord Stump (sume takde, nanti letak ubat kuning spital bagi je)
· Sterile swab applicators
· Sterile cotton swabs
· Sterile container for cord spirit
· Cord spirit
Preparing for Feeding Baby
· Milk bottles & small sized teats (done)
· Bottle scrub brush (done)
· Warmer cum carrier bag (takde)
· Thermometer (to use when baby is unwell) (done)
· Large pan/pot (for sterilising) (guna yg mana ada)
· Tongs (to handle hot bottles) (guna yang mana ada)
· 6-Bottle Electric Steam Steriliser (optional) (tak beli)
· Milk containers (guna yang dah ada)
· Playpen (tak beli)
· Walker (guna kakak dhiya punya)
· Stairgates (takde)
· Rubber protectors (takde)
· Highchair (takde)
· Bouncer (takde)
· Stroller (guna kakak punya)
· Baby carrier (takde)
· Pram (takde)
· Toys & Playstuff (tak beli)
· Rattle (guna kakak punya)
· Mirror (takde)
· Baby gym (guna kakak punya)
Mummy Care
· Maternity Dress/ Pyjamas with front opening for breast feeding (guna yang mana ada)
· Breast cream (tak beli)
· Cotton balls (done)
· Nursing pads (done)
· Disposible panties (done)
· Sanitary pads (done)
· Bedroom slippers (tak beli)
· Breast pump (done)
Other Optional Items
· Electrical Flask (takde)
· Claypot or double boil claypot for mum’s confinement soup (takde)

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