Wednesday, November 2, 2011

day 5 - guru sekolah yang paling anda suka

masa sekolah rendah saya ada seorang cikgu kegemaran. singkatan nama nya cikgu wanza. she such a nice teacher. she teach me science. she always find exciting method in her teaching. that why I love science and also love her.

then, during my study at sms pasir puteh. ada ramai cikgu kegemaran.

cikgu rashid, hehe! he teach me geografi form 1 & 2 if i am not mistaken. normally when the teacher become my favourite teacher automatically the subject also will be my favourite subject.
and because of that for all exam i manage to get A for geografi subject except during PMR trial. Kes over confident.

then, cikgu durrah. she also nice teacher. kecik2 molek je orangnya. but berjiwa besar. she teaching biology. there are a lot of things to memories in biology, then i don't know how i still did well in that subject.

and also my chemistry teacher. he just simple and slumber. but full of information. from worse result to better result. thanks cikgu nazri for your help. and now i graduated in chemical eng. and also working in chemistry field. what the chemistry that we have actually? haha just kidding.

next, cikgu asri. he is cool teacher. just come to class bringing his smile but manage to answer all the question by asking me back. with his guides, finally I get good result for that subject.

so, which one in my most favourite teacher? please judge from my writing oke. I know all of you are good in judging =)

maybe tomorrow is day 6 and maybe not. hehe!!

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