Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wake up ANis!!

It's already week three. But i have done nothing. I'm not in the mood of study and doing anything related to study. Why? why? Before the sem started i'm already promise myself to study properly. Doing assignment by myself. Reading books. Understand deeply about the subject that i had taken. But, the thing is not going as planned.

Wake up AniS, there are only 11 more weeks to go to finish this semester. Don't waste your time. You still have time to change yourself.

There are a lot of works that still pending.

a. Hazard analysis on PDP
b. Prepare for OM quiz
c. Om assignment
d. PO assignment
e. Progress report for FYP
f. Even the FYP form is not fill yet
g. Look back at yourself and please do something...???~~~///

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