Saturday, April 18, 2009

memori suka duka zaman perSEKOLAHan

Which school is memorable: primary or secondary?

For me my primary school is more memorable. There are a lot of things happen in my life. At that time, I was a cute little girl (Opss..!!) that always want to challenge myself to do better in reading, learning and calculating.

The story begin when I suddenly had to change school.
For the first half semester in 1993 I was a SRK Hamzah (1) student. And I believe some of my classmate still remember me. I really appreciate it even I not recognize you anymore. That what I remember is just a name of Kumpulan Putih members. Intan Zahariah, Wan Amalina, Sazali or Razali or Ramlee (I am not so sure about this, please correct me if I am wrong), Mohd Afiq. Some of you I already met but some of you are not. If you find this blog please leave something so that we can keep in touch.

Then, I am continuing my study in SK Ladang Bari. I found a lot of friends there. But, I also cannot recognize your face. And I know one of my best friend taking nursing right now. And if I am not mistaken, my best friend too Kamisah was past away several years ago due to high fever. Let's pray for her. Hope she rest in peace.

Then, I changed school again. I'm back to Kelantan and stayed in Temalir. My last primary school ever was SK Temalir. There are a lot of memories there because I was study there started from standard 2 till standard 6. Yeah..a lot! So I decide not to tell the whole story here. Hehe!!

What kind of meal(s) or food that you like most at that school?

Nasi Putih and Ayam Masak Merah were my daily menu during primary school. It was really cheap. Only cost me 0.30sen + air (0.10sen) = 0.40 sen per day. And I only bought 0.50 sen to school every day.

Erm, during secondary school. There were a lot of choices at Dewan Makan, but the most menu I like was Nasi putih+Ikan masak apa tak ingat+pastu sambal kacang ke apa benda(tak tahu nama dia).

Which subjects you like and dislike most? Why?

I really like geografi. Proud of me, I got A's for all geografi test paper except for the SPM trial (kes over confident).

Form 5, I really like kimia & matematik moden. Because these two teachers are handsome. (Ampun cikgu =))

Masa sekolah rendah really don't like english subject. I am very bad in English and always felt nervous during english class. Always hope that English class was finished faster but it not.
Same goes during tuisyen kelas. Learned English with the teacher that always asking student made me felt unconfortable.

The worst punishment received and why?

Kena rotan masa darjah 3 oleh Pk HEM Cikgu Ismail sebab kelas bising sangat. Tapi cikgu saya tak bising. First time kena rotan rasa nak nangis. Tapi entah keras hati buat biasa je. And tu actually first and last time kena rotan. Worst case lain. Takde. Bagus tak?! =P

Which date of school's life that bored you most?

Bila tak dapat tidur malam sebab rasa cam kena tindih ngan something hitam+berbulubanyak+besar+masukikutpintu+keluarikuttingkap=mencurimasatidursaya.
Boring yang amat nak tunggu boleh tidur balik.

Gaduh a.k.a terasa hati dengan my bestfriend. Time tu rasa nak cepat-cepat je abes sekolah. AMPUN!!

The favourite teacher?

Cikgu DurRah, Cikgu SyUkri, Cikgu RaShid, Cikgu ZAmri, Cikgu RoZeK, Cikgu NaZri, Cikgu AsRi, SiR IkRam dan banyak lagi..sumelah saya suke =) Opss cikgu sekolah rendah Cikgu Azhar, Cikgu WanZa

Items that you would never leave at school except pen, book, pensil case, etc?

myself maybe. Haha!! Entah

The feelings when the time to show your report cards to your parents?

Biasa-biasa je sebab my parent not even blame me if I don't get good result, because I already blame myself first. And there know that I had tried my best.

Had you ever feel jealous when your friends got higher marks? What would you do?

Sometimes yes and sometimes not. Just go with the flow. Hope next time I will do more better than them. (positive2!!)

What is you highest achievement during school's years?

Head girl during primary school. Highest achievement ke.?? Boleyla~~ =)

Miss the school's life?

Of course!! But I just cannot.

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