Monday, October 24, 2011

Tomorrow is my last day of working there

After almost two years finally tomorrow is my last day being there. Bukan tak suke keje sana. Gaji oke. Waktu pergi balik keje jugak oke. But i don't know what will happened in 5 years time ceewwaaahh or 10 years ahead if i still there. I can't see my future. There are to plain.

To all "budak2 lab" =) surely i will miss all of u but nope for that person. Herm, pray for Allah hopefully i will not meet any other person that look alike her.

Insyallah starting from 1st November onward I will be working somewhere else. Quite far from my house, but for the sake of gaining new experience and get expose to the new things i willing to sacrifice.

Moving to the new working environment is such facing new challenge. Of course, if we decide to move we hope the new one is more better compared to the old one. But we are not always lucky right. So, just wait and see. Hopefully everything will be oke =)


♥ Elin ♥ said...

ya...hope everything will b ok ya dear.. ;)

eira eixora said...

thanks elin =)