Friday, March 16, 2012


Dalam sedar atau tidak saya telah menceburi bidang kerjaya yang bermula dengan perkataan research sejak kerjaya saya yang pertama lagi:

research chemist

lepas menganggur nearly 6 months saya akhirnya mendapat kerja sebagai research chemist di company yang agak besar. kepunyaan local but dah di expand ke international. Mula2 memang suka. keje hands on. tak payah duduk menghadap laptop or komputer. doing research not exactly research sebab buat kerja base on arahan orang. lebih kepada technician sebenarnya walaupun diberi mandat sebagai researcher. mula2 fun sebab baru nak gain new knowledge. but after some time knowledge tu da tak boleh diexpand. macam berada di level yang sama walaupun da nearly two years keje.

research engineer

this job suite me most. freely to do anything. it quite hard for me at the beginning but it actually make me gain a lots of knowledge even in the short period of time. I have to run some instrument by myself and I have to start from zero since I don't even have chances to run all those instrument before this. after struggling day by day I getting familiar with some of it. handling some project, doing research on causes and effect of the thing happened is actually fun. but for some reason I quit.

research assistant

yes, right now money is very important for me and my little family, but I have to make a move and sacrify a little bit for the sake of my family. after I decided to accept this offer I must take it as my big responsibility. I am not only work but again engage with the student title. if everything going smoothly I will finish it in 6 years time. if not maybe more than that.

and after this I might have to be a researcher for the rest of my life but insyaAllah with different title. pray for me.

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