Friday, July 6, 2012

Samsung Galaxy slll

Finally, after a small discussion with my friend syuk. I decided to choose this phone as my next phone. It seems like I cannot wait until next year to change to new phone because my current phone is getting worst. If this phone is a man I will hate him really much even he already make my day easy for so loooong because I wish I will be with him more longer. 

However, whatever happened we have to accept it because everything come and go. They will not remain except Allah s.w.t. 

And after this I will struggle to make this come true. I will not give up to write on this until I get this as my own. Cannot wait for the time to come. I may be the happiest woman in the earth if I get this phone. Yes, I am dreaming again and now I dream of this phone =)


Kakzakie said...

Huhh... kakak taught you already bought it. Its ok... may the dream comes true

eira eixora said...

insyaAllah kakak, mahal ni. belum mampu beli lagi. berangan je dulu