Friday, September 7, 2012

Have to say bye2 to my broadband

to those who follow my blog. keh keh keh ade ke? you know right how difficult for me to get internet access during my first time stay at KL. after a few months, I got my own one and can easily access to the internet. if i am not mistaken somewhere in february or march 2010. 

as time past by and out of sudden i got my new phone which i can connect to the internet through it without using broadband anymore and i start thinking to terminate the broadband. even inside me sangat sayang. but i have to choose the cheapest and easy one. i cannot have both at the same time. this doesn`t mean i already forgot what we have go through for past two years plus. 

today is the day.

so this entry is dedicated for you =) 

touching2...sob, sob, sob, =P

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