Thursday, March 4, 2010

A pair of sandal on my birthday..

I bought it only at rm10 at JJ Balakong (not JJ Ipoh anymore, the time that I really miss which I wish it will happened again but absolutely not). I think this sandal is really cheap compared to other store. That why I buy it. Thanks Atie for inviting me to hang out together. Thanks to Azra too.. I really appreciate that.

And oh, I am reaching 24 now. Shall I act as an adult or still giler2 like a child. Haha, never mine. Just go with the flow. Herm, at the age of 24, there are still have a lot of things that I wish it will happen but not happen yet. Maybe, the things that I wish are belongs to someone else and of course Allah knows what the best for me.

Thanks to all my friends for your wishes.


intan baizura said...

nisss. hepy belated bufday! sori lambat wish. huuhuhu.. rinduuuuu kamoOO

eira eixora said...

sedih tau intan tak wish ='( rindu kamoo jugak.