Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We shared our happy moment together

Huhuhu!! I just smiling while read all those massage in my fb page. How come all of us are pregnant at the same time padahal some of us have a different wedding date.

Congrate to all of you..

Masliza a.k.a aunty Mas
Norzawani a.k.a aunty Noza
Fadzlina Hani a.k.a aunty Iena
Nurehan Syamimi a.k.a aunty Mimiey

Saya rasa all the due around March tahun depan. And all of them ni my friends masa kat Scipp dulu =)

Sukenya nanti baby lahir je terus dapat ramai kawan baru..Hopefully both of us are safe throughout our journey. Mama cayang baby mama ni. Papa pun cakap yang sama.


BURDHANI said...

OMG, ye ke? chomey je kamu semua ni..=)

congrats to all of u.

eira eixora said...

thanks aja, hopefully kamu pun tahun depan jugak =)