Friday, May 15, 2009

At last . . . .

I have finished all four papers this week. Cuak, gelabah, macam-macam ade. And i'm not happy with the last paper. However, past is always past. What i can do, just calm and wait for the result. Hope our lecturers are not straight in giving marks.

One paper missing? I keep memorizing where I put that paper. Actually the exam's instructor not allow us to bring the paper back.


p/s: I may look at this post again ten or twenty years from now while telling my children that this is my final exam as a UTP student (undergrad). Mana la tahu nak sambung PhD kat Utp ke. Master tak kot.


ruzille said...

kamu da abis paper.aku br 1st paper smlm.uhuk2.betapa ironinye.

eira eixora said...

Takpe2..tapi serious huru hara abes kan sume sekali gus..