Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thing should do and should not

After so long not attending any lecture finally today I have to attend my first lecture for this semester. From 10am to 5pm. what a so long lecture ever just for one subject. Yes, I only have to attend one lecture class  ( I mean one subject that involving lecture class) only for the rest of my master study to fulfill 3 credit hours. This subject is a compulsory for master and phD student. Unless you already took the class during your master study in UM. In case you are phD student. Basically the class will guide you on journal and thesis writing. Which I will apply a lot starting end of this semester after I done my experiment. 

The truth are, we as a human being always need someone to give advise. If not we will forget our mission. The morning session of the lecture wake me up a little bit from my dream. In order to be a good student I have to do a lot of things. Not just wake up in the morning, go to university, do lab as much as you can, and going back. It about planning your future. It will make you moving correctly and will graduate on time. Yes, I want to graduate on time. Based on him, student that graduate on time is a quality student. It shows their effort, strategies and believe this will reflect yourself during interview in case you apply for lecturer position. They might ask you the question like how many years for you to finish your master study or your phD. 

Early of afternoon session is a little bit bored and sleepy. But after that I have to polish my mind by writing essay on what my research is all about. All the sleepiness gone. To finish two pages of essay is tough after so long not doing such thing. But alhamdullilah I manage to finish it and going back 15 minutes early. 

Overall, I think this class is very good to improve my skills. 

Just the time not suit me well. One whole day in the weekend to be in class is not a good idea at all. But what can I do.

p/s: If english teacher or someone that really consent on grammar come across my blog and find grammatical error are everywhere in my post feel free to let me know by leaving some comments in comment box. Thank you in advance. 

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