Friday, May 28, 2010

Ereen Farewell

Maaappp,,,ter'update' lagi. Lucky us sebab our bos give us a chance to back early today. You know what the air cond is not cold as before because the main air-cond is not turn on as the other companies are not working today.

Herm, can you see the little lady bird there are very close to each other. It means,....we are also moving towards our big day.

Going back to the main bisnes, this entry is just to update about Ereen Farewell at R&R Awan Besar. Sebelah Kesas Highway tu. We having satey there, but personally the taste are not so good. But I like the kuah sebab tak manis sangat. I don't like satey yang kuah manis. offense kalau satey memang kuah dia manis kan. Tapi saya tetap tak suka.

Here are the pictures taken on that day...Hopefully Ereen will be happy working on the new place and enjoy your life there. Pray for our success too.

Me and Ereen

Noa & Hanim

Nad & Ereen


Me & Yaya

Tidak lupa satey2nya


en_me said...

sodappnyer sate tewww.. ehehe

eira eixora said...

mesti en_me da pernah try kat kan satey ni?