Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The good thing of being a student again

No matter what you have to read everyday. 
No matter how lazy you are you also need to read. 
Even a very short paragraph or very long journal. 
Sometimes, people see you with a lot of printed journal. 
Very heavy file are step well on your table. 
It's seem like you study very hard.
If you have no mood to study. 
You also need to pretend that you are studying very hard. 
Yes, you don't like it. But benefit is yours. 
Pretend can sometime be true after always being pretend. 

Previously you chose to be a student. 
But to be successful in the study is a must. 

p/s; Betul tak ayat ni betul tak. cikgu english a.k.a teacher betul kan k kalau salah. many thanks


Kakzakie said...

Being student definitely aiming the target to success already in the mind eira. Go ahead eira...

eira eixora said...

thank u kakak. to be true. kata2 kakak sedikit sebanyak menaikkan semangat sy untuk belajar